Medical visa for malaysia

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Medical visa for malaysia


Medical visa for malaysia

Malaysia is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Asia with Its International Standard Medical Treatment, Pioneering Medical Advances · Strategic Location · Affordability · Internationally Recognised Hospitals · Great Hospitality.

All patients coming to Malaysia for Medical treatment must apply for Medical Visa.

There are two categories for Malaysia Medical Visa,: Regular Medical Visa ( (This can be obtained from the Consulate of Malaysia) . Medical eVisa (online visa).

e-medical visa Malaysia: 

eVISA is a hassle-free online platform that simplifies the visa application process by issuing electronic visas to Foreign Nationals wishing to enter Malaysia. 

Who Can Apply eVISA?

Foreign National from these countries are eligible to apply:

First Phase Country: China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, Montenegro

Where to Apply

. You may apply for an eVISA anywhere in the world except Malaysia and Singapore. 

. Note: The list of countries will expanded as more countries are added in stages.

How Long Do eVISAs Remain Valid? 

. eVISA bearers are allowed to stay in Malaysia for no more than 30 consecutive days per entry. This is largely dependent upon the type of eVISA that you have.

How Do I Get Started?

. First time applicants may click here then select “I’m New” to begin the application process.

. Registered users may select the “Returning User” option to log in to their account.

What Documents Are Needed to Apply For eVISA?

You are required to scan and upload the following documents to attach with your application:

. A recent passport-sized photo as stipulated in the Guidelines on the eVISA application website.

. The information page of your passport as shown in the Sample on the eVISA application website. 

. A valid and authentic return flight ticket.

. Birth Certificate of applicants who are minors.

 . Additional documentation is subject to the requirements of the country you are applying from. 

What is The Approval Process?

. Your application is subject to approval by the Immigration Department of Malaysia or the Malaysian Representative that you applied from. 

. Please be informed that you may be required to produce supporting documentation for verification purposes or attend an interview at the Consulate General of Malaysia / High Commission of Malaysia / Embassy of Malaysia.

How Will I Be Contacted Regarding My eVISA Application?

You will be contacted via e-mail. You are advised to check you inbox regularly. 

Do I Have to Print Out My eVISA?

. Yes. Your eVISA will be e-mailed to you in an A4-sized printout format. You are required to print it out accordingly. 

. Kindly take note that your eVISA is an extremely important document. 

. You will be required to produce it at all entry checkpoints into Malaysia.  

What Documents Are Needed at Entry Checkpoints Into Malaysia?

You will be required to produce the following documents:

. Print out of your eVISA.

. Proof of sufficient funds (Cash / Traveller’s Cheques / Debit or Credit Card(s)) to cover your expenses while in Malaysia.

. A valid and authentic return ticket. 

. Proof of accommodation.

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Please Note:

Once the international patients is satisfied with respect to the advised treatment and hospital and finalize their plan for coming to prefer country, we assist the patient in obtaining medical visa. The patient has to apply on his own for the same in their home country. We provide an invitation letter to the patient from the respective hospital which is required for submitting their visa application. Also, our team is trained to provide any information/query that the patient may have regarding medical visa and medical attendant visa.

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