Dr. Dina Ismail Gynaecologist in American Hospital Dubai

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Dr. Dina Ismail Gynaecologist in American Hospital Dubai


Dr. Dina Ismail Gynaecologist in American Hospital Dubai

Top Gynaecologist in Dubai. Assistant Professor Dr. Dina Ismail is a Norwegian board-certified Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and subspecialist in minimally invasive surgery.  She trained and worked as a Consultant in Stavanger University Hospital in Norway with expertise in advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery.

She also obtained training in assessing high-risk pregnancy, managing premature labor, instrumental vaginal delivery, and acute obstetrical complications.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ismail is passionate about the holistic approach to managing women’s health through all phases of their reproductive life and strives to motivate female patients to improve and/or maintain health via preventative and active supervision. She’s currently serving American Hospital Dubai as a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist, accepting walk-in patients and offering telehealth consultation.


Norwegian board certified in obstetrics and Gynecology, Swedish board qualified in obstetrics and Gynecology,Diploma and certification in minimal invasive Gynecological surgery from Europe academy of Gynecological Surgery., MD degree, Oslo University, Norway, MBCHB, medical college in Baghdad, Iraq,.


Member of Norwegian Medical association. Member of American Association of Gynecological laparoscopy. Member of the European Society of gynecological endoscopy. 2 years board member in Norwegian society of ultrasound diagnostics. Member of MIS Academy in Dubai.


Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Stavanger university hospital, Norway, Chief physician for the structured program for education and practical skill certification of gynecological laparoscopy for junior doctors in Stavanger university hospital, Norway, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist in American Hospital, Dubai,.


Counseling and managing patients with Infertility, Recurrent pregnancy loss, Uterine anomalies, PCOS, menstrual disorders, adolescent gynecology, urogynecology and postmenopausal disorders. Early pregnancy complications including laparoscopic management of tubal and non-tubal ectopic pregnancy, cervical and laparoscopic cerclage. Assessment and management of high-risk pregnancy. Normal vaginal delivery, water birth and instrumental delivery. Cesarean section for primary and multiple and all obstetrics emergency operations. Management of antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage and acute obstetric complications. Advanced laparoscopic, Robotic assisted laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures including laparoscopic and Robotic assisted hysterectomy, laparoscopic and Robotic assisted myomectomy, laparoscopic and Robotic assisted surgery of complex endometriosis, adenomyosis, ovarian masses and repair of caesarean scar defect. Abdominal Hysterectomy and Laparotomy for benign gynecological conditions. Vaginal Hysterectomy and Vaginal Colporrhaphy. Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, myomectomy, polypectomy, correction of uterine anomaly Screening for diseases of the cervix, Colposcopy and Surgical treatment including Conization. IOTA ultrasound methods in diagnosing and estimating the risk of malignancy in adnexal masses. Multidisciplinary team for medical and surgical management of gynecological cancer.


Arabic, English, norwegian



1. Consulting Services & Treatment Package Creation : Personal medical record is required to accurately assess a treatment plan.

2. Physician C.V: Medical records transfer to physician for treatment and pricing options.

3. Second Opinion : Medical report for consultation by your specialist doctors a feedback is expected within 72hours [3days].

4. Budget Friendly Treatment Plans : Expect to have as many referrals from different hospitals detailing their second opinion and the cost of treatment.

5. Medical Visa Assistance: Once the patient is satisfied with respect to the advised treatment and hospital and finalize their plan for coming to prefer country , we assist the patient in obtaining medical visa . The patient has to apply on his own for the same in High Commission in their home country. We provide an invitation letter to the patient from the respective hospital which is required for submitting their visa application. Also, our team is trained to provide any information/query that the patient may have regarding medical visa and medical attendant visa.

6. Treatment Itinerary : When see doctor, When operation takes place extra, also contact details for the ward room .

7. Personal case manager: Once the patient arrives to the designated country for treatment he/she becomes our full responsibility. To handle any cases arising from hospital/ doctor negligence or malpractice to the patients. Also organized the accommodation and stay of the members accompanying the patient we will be responsible for their safety.

8. Interpretation: Interpretation assistance if necessary.

9. Communication: Assist in communicating with family and home. Mobile phone or telephone card.

10. Airport support arrival / departure.: Complimentary airport pick-up / drop-off in a cab.

11. Post care rehab: Post care rehab and nursing needs.

12. Wellness and spa packages: Wellness and spa packages added pre and post procedures. Palade , yoga and spiritual classes. Resort accommodation at 4 to 5 star level.

13. Follow-up support: Provide free support when patients come back their home countries.

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