Ayurvedic Health Retreat - Skin Diseases

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Ayurvedic Health Retreat - Skin Diseases


Ayurvedic Health Retreat - Skin Diseases

We have a full-fledged Ayurveda Healing Health Resorts and have excellent facilities to take care of your medical issues provide a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled state of-the-art service to our international guest under one roof, supported by Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine.

“Your case will be reviewed by Chief Ayurvedic Physician of National & International Accreditation Standards of Ayurveda Healing Resorts.


Treatment : Skin Diseases
Success Rate : 100%
Basic Deluxe Package Single/Double : USD
Total Stay in Ayurveda Healing Resorts : 14 Nights/15 Days (minimum)
Total Stay in India : 14 Nights/15 Days

According to Ancient Ayurveda, any skin diseases occurs when there is an imbalance in the doshas and dhatus in our body. Two of the main causes of diseases that cause a vitiation of doshas are wrong diet and lifestyle. Following an incompatible diet (viruddhara or food items of opposite nature) or an incompatible lifestyle that is against the season or the prakriti (nature) of a person, causes the generation of toxins or poisons in our body. When these toxins accumulate in the body tissues, skin etc and contaminate them, skin diseases erupt. Though skin disorders are attributed to imbalances in all the three doshas, the prime dosha involved is pitha.

All treatments aimed at curing skin diseases emphasise on the complete penetrative and detoxifying abilities of the treatments rendered. The approach of Ayurveda to treating skin disorder is by eliminating the root causes of the same; while Ayurvedic treatments may take longer to show results, the focus is on restoring complete health to the body. Main treatment line for all types of skin disorders mostly include cleansing (shodhana) treatments like vamana (Emesis therapy), virechana (Purgation therapy) and Rakhtamoksham. Apart from this, shamana oushadhis (oral medicine) are also administered for preventive and curative purposes.

The de-toxification therapies used to treat skin diseases are not only suitable for patients, but also for people without ailments. The Panchakarma Therapy helps maintain health, increase lifespan, reduce weight, tone and rejuvenate complexion and revitalise the mind, body and spirit.

The therapy will be supplemented and complemented by effective Yoga and Meditation class, conducted by professional yoga masters.



  .Consultation with Chief Ayurvedic Physician

  .Complete medicine, treatment & Daily Doctor visits

  .Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama classes


  .Pure Vegetarian diet

  .Free use of Gym & Library

  .Cultural & entertainment programmes.



 .Free Airport Pick-up and drop within city limits for stay 14 days & above

  .Discounted package for 42 days and above

  .24 hours internet facility, Travel desk, Room service, Doctor on call

.A/C facility in selected accommodations on additional charges

  .Any additional medicines from the pharmacy would be charged on actual  basis.

  .Additional yoga sessions, will be held at a nominal cost on request.

  .Guests are to strictly follow the diet/ regime instructions by Chief Physician in  order to obtain maximum results out of the treatment program.

  .Food Items or supplements are permitted into the centre.

  .An advance of 25% of the total tariff is to be paid for final confirmation of booking.