Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) Spine Surgery cost in India

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Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) Spine Surgery cost in India


Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) Spine Surgery cost in India

The cost of Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) surgery in India varies depending on several factors, including the hospital, the surgeon's fee, the complexity of the procedure, and the patient's medical condition. However, on average, the cost of Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) surgery in India is around 40-70% lower than in Western countries.

The cost of Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) surAgery in India for International patients ranges from USD 9,000-USD 13,000. Cost for Indian patients is between INR 3.20-6 lakh, depending on the hospital and the facility. It is important to note that the cost of OLIF surgery in India may be slightly higher in private hospitals compared to government-run hospitals.

Understanding OLIF Spine Surgery

What is Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF)?

The Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (OLIF) technique is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat various spinal conditions. This innovative approach allows surgeons to access the spine from the side, avoiding the need for a large incision in the back. By accessing the spine through the patient's side, surgeons can perform fusion and correct spinal deformities with minimal disruption to the surrounding muscles and tissues.

The Benefits of OLIF Spine Surgery

OLIF spine surgery offers numerous benefits compared to traditional open back surgeries. Let's explore some of the key advantages:

1. Minimally Invasive: OLIF is a minimally invasive procedure, which means smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, and faster recovery times compared to open surgeries. Patients can experience less postoperative pain and a shorter hospital stay.

2. Preservation of Muscles and Tissues: By approaching the spine from the side, OLIF surgery minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding muscles and tissues. This approach can help preserve muscle function and reduce the risk of muscle atrophy compared to traditional back surgeries.

3. Reduced Scarring: The smaller incisions used in OLIF surgery result in minimal scarring. This is particularly advantageous for patients who value aesthetic outcomes or have concerns about postoperative scarring.

4. Improved Fusion Rates: OLIF surgery allows for a large graft surface area, promoting better fusion rates. The procedure utilizes bone grafts and implants to stabilize the spine, promoting fusion and long-term stability.

5. Customized Approach: The OLIF technique provides surgeons with a highly customizable approach to address specific spinal conditions. Surgeons can use specialized instruments and imaging techniques to precisely navigate the surgical area, resulting in improved accuracy and outcomes.

OLIF Spine Surgery in India: The Best Hospitals

India has emerged as a global destination for medical tourism, offering world-class healthcare facilities and highly skilled surgeons. When it comes to OLIF spine surgery, several hospitals in India stand out for their expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Let's explore some of the best hospitals in India for OLIF spine surgery:

1. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is renowned for its exceptional spine surgery department. Equipped with advanced technology and a team of experienced surgeons, Apollo Hospitals provides comprehensive spinal care, including OLIF spine surgery. Patients benefit from personalized treatment plans, cutting-edge surgical techniques, and postoperative rehabilitation support.

2. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon is another leading hospital in India offering OLIF spine surgery. With a multidisciplinary team of spine surgeons, neurologists, and rehabilitation specialists, FMRI provides holistic care to patients with spinal conditions. The hospital boasts advanced imaging facilities, dedicated operating theaters, and a patient-centric approach.

3. Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore

Manipal Hospitals in Bangalore is a trusted name in the healthcare industry, known for its expertise in various medical specialties, including spine surgery. The hospital's spine surgery department offers a wide range of treatment options, including OLIF spine surgery. Manipal Hospitals focuses on patient comfort and safety, ensuring a seamless surgical experience and comprehensive postoperative care.

4. Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon

Medanta - The Medicity in Gurgaon is a state-of-the-art hospital known for its advanced infrastructure and world-class healthcare services. The hospital's spine surgery department is well-equipped to handle complex spinal conditions, offering innovative procedures such as OLIF spine surgery. With a team of highly skilled surgeons and a patient-centric approach, Medanta provides exceptional care to patients seeking spinal solutions.

5. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi is a premier medical institution in India, known for its excellence in healthcare and medical education. The hospital's spine surgery department is at the forefront of innovation, offering advanced procedures including OLIF spine surgery. With a focus on research and patient care, AIIMS provides high-quality treatment options to patients from across the country and abroad.

Real-World Scenarios: Success Stories of OLIF Spine Surgery in India

To better understand the impact of OLIF spine surgery in real-world scenarios, let's explore a couple of success stories:

Case Study 1: Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Kumar, a 45-year-old avid golfer, was suffering from severe back pain and limited mobility due to a herniated disc in his lumbar spine. After consulting with experts, he decided to undergo OLIF spine surgery at Manipal Hospitals in Bangalore. The minimally invasive procedure allowed for a quick recovery, and within a few weeks, Mr. Kumar was back on the golf course, pain-free, and enjoying his favorite sport.

Case Study 2: Mrs. Preeti Singh

Mrs. Preeti Singh, a 50-year-old working professional, was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in her cervical spine. The condition caused debilitating pain and restricted her ability to perform daily tasks. Seeking a solution, she underwent OLIF spine surgery at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai. The surgery successfully relieved her pain and restored her neck mobility, allowing her to return to work and lead a normal life.

These real-world scenarios highlight the positive impact of OLIF spine surgery on patients' lives. The procedure's minimally invasive nature, faster recovery times, and improved outcomes have transformed the treatment landscape for spinal conditions in India.


1. Consulting Services & Treatment Package Development: To accurately assess a treatment plan, a personal medical record is required.

2. Physician Curriculum Vitae: Medical records are transferred to the physician for treatment and pricing options.

3. Second Opinion: Medical report for review by your specialist doctors, with a response expected within 72 hours [3 days].

4. Cost-Effective Treatment Plans: Expect to receive numerous referrals from various hospitals outlining their second opinion and treatment costs.

5. Medical Visa Assistance: Once the patient is satisfied with the recommended treatment and hospital and has finalised their plans to visit India, we will assist them in obtaining a medical visa. The patient must apply for the visa on his or her own at the High Commission of India (Indian embassy) in their home country. We provide the patient with an invitation letter from the appropriate hospital, which is required for submitting their visa application. In addition, our team is trained to answer any questions the patient may have about medical visas and medical attendant visas.

6. Treatment Program: When seeing a doctor, extra contact information for the wardroom is provided.

7. Personal case manager: Once the patient arrives in the designated country for treatment, he or she is completely under our care. To handle any cases involving hospital/doctor negligence or malpractice against patients. We will also be responsible for the accommodation and stay of the members accompanying the patient.

8. Interpretation: If necessary, interpretation assistance is provided.

9. Communication: Help with communication with family and at home. Phone card or mobile phone.

10. Airport arrival and departure assistance: complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off in a cab.

11. Post-acute care rehabilitation: Post-acute care rehabilitation and nursing needs.

12. Wellness and spa packages: Pre and post-procedures have been added to the wellness and spa packages. Palade, yoga, and spiritual classes are available. 4 to 5-star resort accommodations.

13. Follow-up care: Provide free care when patients return to their home countries.


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