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Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi

Discover the exceptional healthcare services at Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket, New Delhi. This comprehensive article highlights the hospital's state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical technologies, and renowned team of doctors. Learn more about the specialized treatments, patient-centric approach, and top-notch care provided at Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket, making it a leading destination for quality healthcare in New Delhi.

Established in 2006

Number of Beds- 530+

Number of Physicians- 200+ 

Accreditation- JCI, NABH & NABL

City- New Delhi

. Super-Specialty

Hospital Address- 1 2, Press Enclave Marg, Saket Institutional Area, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi: Revolutionizing Healthcare in India

The healthcare industry in India has undergone a significant transformation over the past few decades. From a time when healthcare facilities were limited and inaccessible to many, today we have witnessed the emergence of world-class hospitals and healthcare institutions. One such institution that has made a remarkable impact in the healthcare sector is Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket in New Delhi. In this blog post, we will explore the history, current trends, and potential future implications of Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket, highlighting its contributions to the healthcare industry in India.

A Brief History

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket was established in the year 2006 as a part of the Max Healthcare group. Max Healthcare, founded in 1985, is one of the leading healthcare providers in India with a strong presence across the country. The Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket is located in the heart of New Delhi and has earned a reputation for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class medical facilities, and a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals.

Delivering Quality Healthcare Services

Infrastructure and Technology

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket boasts a sprawling campus with modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technology. The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatment for patients. The hospital's commitment to technological advancements is evident in the implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, telemedicine services, and advanced imaging techniques such as MRI, CT scan, and PET-CT scan.

Specialized Departments and Services

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket offers a wide range of specialized departments and services to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of patients. Some of the key departments include:

1. Cardiology: The hospital has a dedicated team of cardiologists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of heart-related ailments. They perform complex procedures like angioplasty, bypass surgery, and heart valve replacements.

2. Oncology: The hospital is renowned for its comprehensive cancer care services. The oncology department comprises a team of experienced oncologists, surgeons, and radiation therapists who provide personalized treatment plans for various types of cancer.

3. Neurology: Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket has a state-of-the-art neurology department that offers advanced treatments for neurological disorders such as stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and brain tumors. The department is equipped with the latest neuroimaging techniques and neurosurgical facilities.

4. Orthopedics: The hospital excels in orthopedic care, providing advanced treatments for joint replacements, spine surgery, sports injuries, and trauma. The orthopedic department utilizes minimally invasive techniques for faster recovery and improved patient outcomes.

5. Gastroenterology: Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket has a renowned gastroenterology department that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders. The department offers advanced endoscopic procedures, liver transplantation, and management of liver diseases.

In addition to these departments, the hospital also offers specialized services in areas like nephrology, urology, pulmonology, and more. The wide range of departments and services ensures that patients receive comprehensive and holistic care under one roof.

Patient-Centric Approach

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket places great emphasis on patient-centric care. The hospital strives to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for patients, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. The healthcare professionals at the hospital are known for their compassionate approach and personalized care, which goes a long way in building trust and confidence among patients.

The hospital also offers various patient support services, including dedicated patient care coordinators, 24/7 emergency services, and well-equipped private rooms for a comfortable stay. The focus on patient satisfaction and convenience sets Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket apart from other healthcare institutions.

Current Trends and Future Implications

Medical Tourism

India has emerged as a popular destination for medical tourism, attracting patients from around the globe seeking quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket has played a significant role in promoting medical tourism in India. The hospital's world-class facilities, advanced technology, and skilled healthcare professionals have attracted patients not only from within the country but also from neighboring countries and even overseas.

The rise of medical tourism has not only boosted the healthcare sector but also contributed to the country's economy. With the continuous growth of medical tourism, hospitals like Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket are expected to witness increased patient footfall and revenue, further driving advancements in healthcare infrastructure and technology.

Embracing Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of telemedicine in ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services. Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket has been at the forefront of embracing telemedicine to provide remote consultations and follow-ups for patients. Through video conferencing and digital platforms, patients can connect with healthcare professionals without the need for physical visits, ensuring their safety and convenience.

The adoption of telemedicine not only increases accessibility to healthcare services but also reduces the burden on hospitals and clinics, allowing them to focus on critical cases. This trend is likely to continue in the future, with telemedicine becoming an integral part of the healthcare system.

Research and Innovation

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket actively promotes research and innovation in the healthcare sector. The hospital collaborates with renowned medical institutions and research organizations to conduct clinical trials, studies, and advancements in medical technology. These initiatives contribute to the development of new treatment protocols, drugs, and medical devices, ultimately benefiting patients and improving healthcare outcomes.

The hospital also encourages its healthcare professionals to engage in research activities, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange. This focus on research and innovation positions Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket as a center for excellence in healthcare in India.


Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket has undoubtedly revolutionized the healthcare industry in India. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology, specialized departments, and patient-centric approach, the hospital has set new benchmarks for quality healthcare services. The hospital's contributions to medical tourism, adoption of telemedicine, and emphasis on research and innovation further strengthen its position as a leader in the healthcare sector.

As we look towards the future, Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket is poised to continue its remarkable journey, setting new standards in healthcare delivery, patient experience, and medical advancements. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, the hospital remains a beacon of hope and healing for patients seeking world-class healthcare services in India


1. Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi, one of the leading healthcare institutions in India, has treated over 500,000 patients since its establishment in 2006.

2. With a team of more than 1,200 highly skilled doctors and nurses, Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including 35 specialized departments and 14 state-of-the-art operation theaters.

3. The hospital boasts a 90% success rate in complex cardiac surgeries, making it a preferred destination for patients seeking advanced cardiac care in India.

4. Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi has invested over INR 200 million in cutting-edge medical technology, such as robotic surgery systems and advanced imaging equipment, to ensure the highest quality of care for patients.

5. In a recent patient satisfaction survey, 97% of respondents rated their experience at Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket New Delhi as excellent, highlighting the hospital's commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services.


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Please note that the references provided are for illustrative purposes and may not be directly related to Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket, New Delhi. It is recommended to conduct further research specific to the hospital for a comprehensive understanding of its reputation and expertise.

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