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Manipal Hospital Dwarka, New Delhi


Manipal Hospital Dwarka, New Delhi

 . Established in 1970

Number of Beds- 380

Number of Physicians- 230+ 

Accreditation- NABH

City- Delhi

. Super-Specialty

Hospital Address- Palam Vihar, Sector 6, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075, India


Manipal Hospital Dwarka, a renowned healthcare institution located in New Delhi. We will explore the specialities, facilities, accreditations, distance from the airport, and the hospital's position in the healthcare industry. With a friendly and approachable tone, we aim to engage readers and provide detailed explanations, real-world scenarios, historical context, current trends, and potential future implications.

Specialities: A Wide Range of Expertise

Manipal Hospital Dwarka excels in providing comprehensive healthcare services across various specialities. The hospital boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, and technicians who are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of their patients. Some of the major specialities offered at Manipal Hospital Dwarka include:

. Cardiology

. Orthopedics

. Neurology

. Gastroenterology

. Oncology

. Pulmonology

. Urology

. Obstetrics and Gynecology

. Pediatrics

. Dermatology

. Ophthalmology

. And many more...

Facilities: State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Manipal Hospital Dwarka prides itself on its state-of-the-art infrastructure, designed to provide the highest level of comfort and care to patients. Some of the key facilities offered by the hospital are:

1. Advanced Diagnostic Services

Manipal Hospital Dwarka is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, enabling accurate and timely diagnosis. From advanced imaging technologies such as MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound to sophisticated pathology and laboratory services, the hospital ensures that patients receive the most precise diagnostic results.

2. Modern Operation Theatres

The hospital houses state-of-the-art operation theatres that adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene. These theatres are equipped with advanced surgical equipment and technologies, enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures with precision.

3. Intensive Care Units

Manipal Hospital Dwarka has well-equipped intensive care units (ICUs) that cater to patients in critical condition. These ICUs are staffed by highly skilled medical professionals who provide round-the-clock care and monitoring. The hospital's ICUs are equipped with advanced life support systems, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

4. Specialized Clinics

The hospital also houses specialized clinics that cater to specific medical conditions, providing focused care and expertise. These clinics include diabetes care, pain management, fertility, weight management, and more. By offering specialized clinics, Manipal Hospital Dwarka ensures that patients receive tailored treatment plans based on their unique medical needs.

5. Rehabilitation Services

In addition to acute care, Manipal Hospital Dwarka offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to aid patients in their recovery process. These services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and counseling. By providing holistic rehabilitation services, the hospital aims to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life of its patients.

Accreditation: Meeting International Standards

Accreditation plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare services. Manipal Hospital Dwarka holds several prestigious accreditations, indicating its commitment to excellence. Some of the notable accreditations obtained by the hospital include:

. National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH).

These accreditations signify that Manipal Hospital Dwarka meets stringent international standards in terms of patient care, infrastructure, safety, and quality management systems. By obtaining these accreditations, the hospital demonstrates its dedication to delivering world-class healthcare services to its patients.

Distance from Airport: Convenient Accessibility

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a healthcare facility is its accessibility. Manipal Hospital Dwarka is conveniently located in close proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international patients. The hospital is approximately 11 kilometers away from the airport, ensuring a hassle-free commute for patients and their families.

Location in the Healthcare Industry: A Trusted Name

Manipal Hospital Dwarka holds a prominent position in the healthcare industry due to its unwavering commitment to patient care, clinical excellence, and technological advancements. The hospital is part of the Manipal Hospitals network, a renowned chain of hospitals with a legacy of over six decades. This legacy has been built on a foundation of trust, compassion, and innovation.

With a strong emphasis on evidence-based medicine, Manipal Hospital Dwarka is at the forefront of medical advancements and research. The hospital collaborates with leading national and international institutions, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and continuous learning.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Hope

Manipal Hospital Dwarka, with its range of specialities, state-of-the-art facilities, prestigious accreditations, and convenient accessibility, stands as a beacon of hope for patients seeking quality healthcare services. The hospital's commitment to excellence, combined with its position in the healthcare industry, ensures that patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

Whether it is a life-saving intervention, specialized treatment, or comprehensive rehabilitation, Manipal Hospital Dwarka has consistently proven its dedication to transforming lives. With its friendly and approachable atmosphere, the hospital provides a compassionate and patient-centric environment, fostering trust and healing.

So, the next time you or your loved ones require healthcare services, consider Manipal Hospital Dwarka as your preferred choice. Experience the difference that excellence in healthcare can make in your life.


1. Manipal Hospital Dwarka, located in New Delhi, is a renowned healthcare facility that offers specialized medical services in various fields. With a team of highly skilled doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital is equipped to handle complex cases in cardiology, neurology, oncology, and more. 

2. The facilities at Manipal Hospital Dwarka are designed to provide comprehensive medical care to patients. The hospital boasts advanced diagnostic equipment, modern operation theaters, and dedicated intensive care units. With a patient-centric approach, the hospital aims to deliver superior healthcare services to its clientele. 

3. Accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), Manipal Hospital Dwarka maintains high standards of quality and patient safety. This accreditation reflects the hospital's commitment to delivering excellent healthcare services and adhering to stringent protocols. 

4. Situated just a short distance from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Manipal Hospital Dwarka offers convenience to patients traveling from out of town or abroad. The hospital's strategic location ensures easy accessibility and hassle-free transportation for patients and their families. 

5. Manipal Hospital Dwarka is strategically positioned in the healthcare industry of New Delhi, a city known for its world-class medical services. Located in Dwarka, one of the fastest-growing residential and commercial areas in the capital, the hospital caters to a diverse population, making it a significant player in the healthcare sector.


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