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Apollo Adlux Hospital, Kochi


Apollo Adlux Hospital, Kochi

Established in 1983

Number of Beds- 300+

Number of Physicians- 150+ 

Accreditation- NABL & NABH

City- Kochi


Hospital Address- Apollo Adlux Hospital Angamaly, Cable Junction, Ernakulam District, National Highway 47 Karukutty, Kerala 683576

Apollo Adlux Hospital is one of the most advanced tertiary multi-speciality hospitals in the state of Kerala. A 300-bed facility replete with 34 super-speciality departments, the centre combines the finest in technology and expertise to ensure world class healthcare for everyone. Situated on the National Highway and very close to Kochi International Airport, Apollo Adlux Hospital offers the best services in all the medical departments under one roof. With renowned Consultants trained in their respective specialities, we provide people easy accessibility to advanced medical care at an affordable cost.

Below mentioned are the list of departments available at centre.

1.  Department of Anaesthesia & Critical Care

. Surgery Anaesthesia | Post-Surgery/ICU Critical Care | Pain Management

2    Department of Cardiac Sciences

. Cardiology | Interventional Cardiology | Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery | Open Heart Surgery Heart & Lung Transplant

3.   Department of Clinical Nutrition

. Expert Dietetics

4.  Department of Clinical Pathology

. High-Precision Diagnostic & Lab Services

5.  Department of Dental Sciences

. Dentistry | Dental Surgery | Dental Transplant

6.  Department of Dermatology

. Comprehensive Skin, Hair & Nail Care | Dermatology Surgery | PRP Treatment Laser Therapies

7.  Department of Emergency Medicine

. 24/7 Trauma Care & Accident Care

8.   Department of ENT

. Ear, Nose & Throat Care | ENT Surgery

 9.  Department of Fetal Medicine

. Fetal Scan | Fetal Management

10. Department of General Surgery

. Conventional & Endoscopic Surgery | Endocrine Surgery

11.   Department of Internal Medicine

. Comprehensive Acute & Chronic Disease Care

12.   Department of Liver and Digestive Care

. Liver Care I Medical Gastroenterology

13.   Department of Medical Oncology

. Cancer Management | Chemotherapy

14.   Department of Neonatology

. Extreme/Low Birth weight Management | Neonatal ICU | Neonatal Nutritional Management

15.   Department of Nephrology

. Kidney Care | Dialysis Service

16.   Department of Neurology

. Neuro Disorders & Movement Disorders Management | Interventional Neurology

. 24/7 Stroke Management

17.   Department of Neurosurgery

. Brain Surgery | Spine Surgery | Brain & Spine Trauma Care

18.   Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

. Comprehensive Women's Health Management

19.   Department of Oncosurgery

. Expert Cancer Surgery

20.   Department of Ophthalmology

. Comprehensive Eye Care | Eye Surgery

21.   Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

. Advanced Face & Jaw Disorders Management

22.   Department of Orthopedics

. Bone & Muscle Care I Total Knee Replacement I Hip Replacement I Joint Reconstruction Surgery I Orthopedic Surgery | 24/7 Trauma Care

23.   Department of Pediatrics

. Comprehensive Care for Children Aged 0-18 Years

24.   Department of Pediatric Cardiology

. Neonatal & Paediatric Heart Care | Interventional Cardiology

25.   Department of Pediatric Neurology

. Sleep Disorder & Sleep Study | Pediatric Stroke Care | Epilepsy Treatment | VEEG Monitoring

26.   Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

. Post-Injury Rehabilitation | Post-Surgery Rehabilitation | Post-Natal Recovery

27.   Department of Plastic Reconstruction, Aesthetic & Hand Surgery

. Advanced Plastic Surgery Services

28.   Department of Psychiatry

. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Adult Psychiatry | Women's Mental Health | De-addiction Services | Family & Marital Therapy

29.   Department of Pulmonology

. Specialized Respiratory Medicine

30.   Department of Radiology

. Clinical Imaging | Interventional Radiology

 31.   Department of Rheumatology

. Care for Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases and Immuno deficiencies

32.   Department of Surgical Gastroenterology

. Laparoscopic & Conventional Gastro Surgery | Bariatric Surgery

 33.   Department of Transfusion Medicine

. Advanced Blood Care

34.   Department of Urology & Andrology

Preventive Urology Care | Urology Surgery| Laser Procedures |infertility management

35.   Robotic Surgeries   

. Urology | Gynec Surgery


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